Urban Sector Development Investment Program - 2 in Jammu & Kashmir

The objective of the Jammu and Kashmir Urban Sector Development Investment Program ( the Investment Program) is to have enhanced and sustainable economic growth of main urban areas of J&K with emphasis on promoting commerce and improvement of livelihoods of the poor. The Investment Program will result into the improved public health and urban environment and better living conditions for the 2 million people living in the two principal cities of Srinagar and Jammu and other participating towns, as well as for the increasing number of tourists who visit the State.

The investment program outputs will improve:

  •             Sewerage network in Bhawani Nagar of Division ‘A’ phase-II 61.84 Km (WW-03).
  •             STP 30MLD based on Aerobic Attached Growth MBBR Technology (WW-04).
  •             Construction of Bikram Chowk Flyover 1.3 Km (UT-01).
  •              Storm Water Drains at Digiana & Gangyal 20.313 Km (SWD-01).
  •              Storm Water Drains at Channi Himmat 8.263 Km (SWD-02).
  •             Construction of Tube well 12nos (WS-01 Lot-1).
  •             Construction of Tube well 7nos (WS-01 Lot-2).
  •             Replacement of Worn-out pipe lines 67Km , laying of new pipe lines 25Km Construction of OHT (WS-02).

The Program will also support similar improvements in the other important towns and commercial centers which have substantial potential for economic development. The sectoral master plans being developed as part of the MPIRJK will form the basis for subsequent investments.

Services Provided:

  •             Supervision, design, bidding, award and contract management of Project 1 & 2 (Tranche-II) works
  •             Appraisal, detailed designs, bidding, award, contract management
  •             Supervision of Project 3 (Tranche-III) works and future project works as applicable
  •             Supervision and updating of designs, if necessary, of the sewerage works.
  •             Assist the PIU Jammu in project management and implementation activities.
  •            Responsible for performing the activities of PMC in absence of PMC contract/personnel as assigned by the ERA

Year of Commencement            : Jul 2014